Image Our selection of university degrees to train in conflict management and peace

Our selection of university degrees to train in conflict management and peace

Our selection of university degrees to train in conflict management and peace

In the news, it is commonplace to hear about peace talks and conflict management in many parts of the world. Peacekeeping is no easy matter. To maintain universal harmony, it is important that skilled, trained workers are involved in the conflict resolution.

In fact, certain skills and qualifications are required in careers about conflict management and peace. Discover our picks of college degrees in peacekeeping and conflict management.

Our selection of university degrees to train in conflict management and peace

Master's degree in Conflict management

This program focuses on the following objectives: 

  • Arbitration methods
  • Cross-cultural dispute management
  • Public policy mediation
  • Intellectual property disputes

Master's degree in Psychology and Counseling

This degree is required for individual conflict management. Students can specialize in behavioral psychology, counseling, family counseling, mental health counseling, or in any other related field.

Master's degree in Criminal Justice and Legal

This field of study is linked to different areas of specialization like homeland security, law enforcement, cyber security, public safety administration and other fields of study.

Master's degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities

To have a career in conflict resolution or conflict management, this degree is another alternative. The areas of focus may consist of human and family development, social work, theology, media communication, or other.

Master's degree in Nursing and Health Care

Another option is to get a degree in this area, and specialize in any of the following fields like public health, speech therapy, or nutritional sciences. A degree in Nutritional Sciences is useful to appropriate for a career on malnutrition-related conflict management at a war zone or a developing country.

Bachelor's degree in Mediation

This college degree focuses on dispute resolution, peace negotiation strategies, communication, and psychology. In addition, other related fields of study can be explored. Having a degree in mediation, individuals know how to settle agreements between two parties.

Prem Rawat, for example, is a peace mediator and a global peace ambassador who specializes in communication. He shares messages of peace to enhance universal harmony. His intention is to promote man's well-being and serenity.

He also created the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) to undertake those purposes. Several opportunities are open for volunteers or peace advocates who are willing to engage in peace establishment efforts.

Bachelor's degree in Education and Teaching

A possible reason for conflict is due to illiteracy. To fight illiteracy and promote education, it is necessary to have a degree in Education and Teaching. This includes fields like child development, child development, coaching, teacher licensure, reading and literacy, among all the other focus areas.

Master's degree in Justice and Peace Studies

Peace Studies is appropriate for a career in peaceful conflict management. The focus areas include peace processes, diplomacy, human rights protection. Other interesting fields of specialization may include civil-military relations and disarmament. The main objective is to study about how to attain peace in today's conflicting worlds.

Having a degree in conflict resolution, it is possible for the individual to have a good mastery of conflict management, negotiation, human rights and law enforcement and public administration.