Image How to become a diplomat and work for peace?

How to become a diplomat and work for peace?

A diplomat is someone who officially represents a government in a foreign country. He is in charge of foreign aid and humanitarian aid programs. The highest ranking of diplomats is an ambassador. Prem Rawat, who is the founder of a Foundation under his name, the TPRF Foundation, is an ambassador of peace.

What are the requirements for a diplomat? What should be done to work for peace?

What are the main functions of diplomats?

A diplomat represents the country which sends him to the other country. As a result, he is in charge of preserving the interests of his country. In addition, a diplomat is responsible for peacekeeping initiatives and strategies. He is involved with maintaining friendly relations between his country and his host country.

How to become a diplomat and work for peace?

Qualifications required for a diplomat

The position of a diplomat requires candidates to have at least a Bachelor's Degree; but other candidates are qualified with a Doctorate Degree or a Master's Degree. Most important qualifications are in international relations, law, political science or history. Yet, other areas of specializations are equally welcome, like business administration, journalism, and economics.

Other requirements for a diplomat's job

  • To be able to apply, candidates must be between 25 and 50 years old.
  • To qualify, it is required that the candidates were born in their home country.
  • Apart from that, candidates should be able to speak one or two foreign languages.
  • It is required to have a clear criminal record which is obtained after a background check in the candidate's home country.
  • A medical certificate showing that the diplomat candidate is in perfect health condition is also necessary.
  • Candidates should also have a valid passport and certified degrees.

Required qualities for a diplomat

Since a diplomat is to represent his home country overseas, it is vital for candidates to be good at negotiation and managing people. Beside this, potential candidates must be good at communication. They have adequate persuasive skills and can demonstrate their ability to take peaceful conflict resolutions. In other words, they must be good at finding strategic ways to maintain their country at peace no matter how serious the conflicts are.

Diplomats must be responsible and compassionate individuals. They are responsible for taking initiatives to address humanitarian needs. Prem Rawat's foundation, for example, carries out various humanitarian activities to build peace in the community and in prison.

How to apply for a diplomat's position

To apply for the position of a diplomat, it is advisable to go through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is involved with international relations in the home country. An application form must be completed and all the necessary documents must be attached to it.

Candidates whose application is selected can proceed with the written and oral exams. The written exam lasts three hours, and the oral exam is to be done after the written test. Among the subjects to be tested, there are political science, history, and current events.

The candidate who is able to demonstrate their ability to represent their government overseas in the written and oral exams will be accepted. In brief, it is crucial for the candidate to have a high proficiency level in both exams to be selected.